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All About Edibles

Deliciously effective

Cannabis-infused foods and beverages, aka edibles, have come a long way from the days of “magic” brownies. Today, you can find a range of delicious options with precise dosing and tailored effects for any occasion.

Edibles are reliable, dosable, and portable, and come in a variety of crave-worthy formats to suit every taste. For new cannabis users, edibles can be an excellent way to get started and familiar with this plant and its effects.

What to Expect with Edibles

Edibles produce a more sustained effect than other methods of consumption. This is because, when eaten, the cannabinoids (like THC, CBD + CBN) are metabolized and converted by the liver, which is not the case with smoking or vaping. The result is a whole-body effect that stays in the bloodstream for a longer period of time.


Always start small with 5MG of THC or less and wait 2 hours for the full effects before consuming more. Kiva’s precise products make it especially easy to find the dose that delivers your desired experience.


It will take 15 minutes - 2 hours to feel the effects from your edible. Your exact wait time depends on your metabolism, height, weight, prior cannabis experience, and how much food is already in your stomach.


Effects will last roughly 4-6 hours, though unusually high doses can last for more than 24 hours. Be mindful of your tolerance and increase your dose in small increments to avoid an overwhelming experience.

The Low Dose Lowdown

Consuming cannabis in small, subtle amounts is called microdosing. This approach empowers you to tailor your dose with remarkable precision and accuracy, instilling confidence in your edibles experience.

Microdoses help many users feel the mood-balancing benefits of cannabis with minimal psychoactive effects. This means less impact on your focus and energy levels, and more opportunities to integrate cannabis into your daily life.